Plastic Floor Cover- Your options abound!

Protecting your floor with a plastic floor covering is one of the simplest ways to insure your floor won't be damaged during remodeling, painting, or filthy shoes.  The key is to select the product that is best suited for the floor surface and the time you need to cover the floor.

Carpet Plastic -Self-Adhesive Film

3 mil

Carpet Plastic FR- Self-Adhesive film

3 mil

Floor Plastic- For hard surfaces

3 mil

Dura-skrim 2

6 mil

Dura-Skrim 2 FR

6 mil

Dura Skrim 10 HUV

10 mil

Dura-Skrim 10FR

10 mil

Poly Scrim 6

6 mil

Deck Proteck 10,13,14,30 mil

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