Patco 8210 Transparent Outdoor Surface Protection Tape

Patco 8210 is an exceptionally tough outdoor tape (polyurethane elastomer).  It is transparent and will conform to difficult surfaces that are hard to protect.  It offers both U.V. resistance and abrasion protection. Customers use it in applications that need resistance to solvents and fuels.

PATCO 8210 gps


  • Surface protection to high wear surfaces susceptable to chipping, scratching and weathering
  • Used on aircraft leading edges, wings, stabilizers and struts
  • Used on airfoil and ground effect panels on race cars.


  • High adhesion & long aging
  • Stays clear (no yellowing)  allowing for surface inspection
  • Protects surfaces
  • Easily and quick application
  • Can be die-cut
  • Blocks U.V.
  • Sticks well to a variety of surfaces, will not stain or dry out.

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