Ice Rink Fun- Build a Backyard Ice Rink!

  • Ice_skating.._fun_learning.jpg

    Ice Skating on your own ice rink!

  • Ice_rink_kit.png

    Click on the image to order your ice rink kit.

  • Back_yard_tool_to_build_rink.png

    Gather these tools to build your ice rink!

  • _ice_rink_liner_lumber_-_.png

    Get the lumber ready.

  • Ice_rink__frame.png

    Start building the ice rink frame.

  • Backyard_ice_rink_building_it.png

    The brackets that come with the kit to hold the wood in place. So convenient!

  • ice_rink_scissors.png

    Don't stab the box and puncture the plastic sheeting!

  • ice_rink_liner_Step_2.png

    Lay out the ice rink liner loosly.

  • Ice Rink DIY

    Enjoy your new ice rink!

  • Let's go ice skating!

    Nothing beats an ice rink at home!

  • Ice rink fun with friends

Ice Rink Questions?

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