Heat Shrink Wrap Tape

Heat Shrink/Shrinkable Wrap Tape is a polyethylene tape that is ideal for your heat shrink wrap jobs. Comes in the color white.  It is single coated and self wound.

Heat Shrink Tape Performance Specifications

Measurement US Value Metric Value Test Method
Adhesion to Backing 22oz/in 24.6g/mm PSTC-1
Adhesion to Steel 60oz/in 67.2g/mm PSTC-1
Maximum Temperature 180ºF 82ºC PSTC-7
Tack 2in 5.1cm PSTC-6
Tensile 23lb/in 0.41kg/mm ASTM D-1000
Thickness 8Mils 0.2mm ASTM D-1000