Heat Shrink Wrap is so Versatile!


One of our commercial shrink wrap companies uses this film to cover everything from airplane wings, to rockets, to ships, buildings, bridges, etc.In particular applications they use the shrink wrap that is both fire retardant and anti-static (ULTRA ASFR Shrink VCG Series)

Heat Shrink Wrap Samples To your Door

FR Heat Shrink Wrap

Heat Shrink Wrap Fire Retardant:  We stock 9 mil FR and 12 mil FR, and many others are available in bothFR and non-FR versions.  Why not get a feel for both versions when you request our sample packet! Along with the Heat Shrink Wrap film you will get a sample of our very strong Safety Strapping and Heat Shrink Wrap Tape.  A data sheet will fill you in on the details.

  • Get samples of the 9 mil and 12 mil heat shrink wrap
  • Safety Strapping
  • Heat Shrink Wrap Tape

Find out why our customers get their jobs done with these products. Please call us for a sample toll free 866.597.9298 or 760.597.9298. Thank you.