Buy HDPE for a Bamboo Barrier for Containing Bamboo Roots

HDPE for Bamboo

How does HDPE Stop Roots from Spreading?

HDPE to the rescue when it comes to bamboo roots! How do you guard against Bamboo?  More and more bamboo is becoming a popular alternative to wood.  Why you might ask?   Simply Bamboo is more sustainable than trees.  Bamboo is more sustainable because unlike trees where the who tree has to cut down to be processed thus making it so another tree has to be planted to take replace it; however bamboo can be harvest without damaging the original plant.  Also bamboo can regenerate itself within 3-5 years where a new tree can take up to 30 plus years to grow to a harvestable size.  Also Bamboo is harder and lighter than most woods.  Bamboo’s tensile strength has been compared to that of steel.

However Bamboo cultivation does have one drawback.  Bamboo grows fast!  Because of Bamboo grows so fast its root system is ultra-aggressive and cause problems for things surrounding it, such as other structures and other peoples’ property. 

  1. Damage to structural foundations
  2. Growing into a neighbors’ yard causing for safety hazards because of Bamboo’s Rhizome (root system) is very sharp and cause bad injures to people.
  3. Over taking of other species of vegetation due to rapid growth.

These damages can cause for major finical hard ships.  Not only in fixing the damage but lawsuits that can stem from damages caused by bamboo.

These situations however can be prevented by installing a 60 – 80 mil thick Smooth Surface High Density Poly-Ethylene (HDPE) Root Barrier to contain bamboo.  Because of bamboo’s aggressive nature and that the roots of bamboo are extremely sharp thinner materials are unable to contain bamboo.  The HDPE Root Barrier act as a deterrent re-directing the Rhizome to stay within the contained area set up for the Bamboo to grow in.

Installing a Root Barrier is simple.  First you will need to dig a trench a 24” – 30” in depth for the root barrier to be installed into.  Making sure you do give the Bamboo enough area to grow in with the contained spot. This will insure that the Bamboo will flourish in contained environment and not cause problems with its surrounding area.

Root Barrier

30 Mil HDPE Black Smooth

6' x 100' = $312.00 plus shipping

4' x 200' = $416.00 plus shipping


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