Global Plastic Sheeting-Custom Capabilities for a Broad Range of Sizes and Attributes

Looking for custom manufactured plastic sheeting to YOUR exact specification? Great, we are here to help!  Take a look below, or call 866.597.9298 and tell us your ideas. If you aren't sure what you need, just tell us your criteria such as tear resistance, impact strength, heat sealability, chemical resistance needs, shapes, die cuts, perforations, stiffness, etc and we will recommend some options. If we don't already have what you need in our warehouse, depending on your minimum run requirements, we will tailor make what you need to order.

We can provide:

  • mono-layer up to 7 layer film and  multi layer sheeting from .25 mil to 40 mil thick
  • Seamless gusseted widths to 40' wide
  • Single-wound sheeting up to 126' wide
  • Scrim reinforced lamination capabilities up to 81" wide x 50" diameter master rolls
  • 3 mil to 45 mil fiber reinforced film and sheeting
  • Wide range of reinforcement options
  • Custom Perforation! Tells where you want the film perforated, and we will help you out!
  • Die Cuts

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When should a plastic sheeting be "custom"?

At Global Plastic Sheeting, we are very interested in trying to help with your application.  We always prefer to ask some questions, and try to supply a product that is much more likely to work than sending samples in the dark, not fully understanding yor application.

WHY???  We currently have over 200 different adhesive systems we provide to our customers.  When manufactured products are protected on an ongoing basis, we believe it is best to try to supply a product that works as ideally as possible from the start.  We can usually get to the point of sample recommendations within a couple of weeks using this process, and are happy to provide free samples for trials in the real world.

 Our product engineers ALWAYSs ask if it is possible to get about 2 square feet of the surface to be covered, so they can experiment with various types of adhesives.  

 Please ask for Lee Hinsley.  He is passionate about making the best product to suit the application. Remember, custom does not always mean more expensive,  It just means more effective!