What is a commercial greenhouse?

What is a commercial greenhouse

People come to our site asking if we only sell to commercial growers as we illustrate many of the commercial growers that do use our SolaWrap greenhouses.

A commercial greenhouse is a greenhouse that grows crops that will be sold for commercial consumption. Often commercial greenhouses are high tech facilities specifically outfitted to grow the intended crops. Commercial greenhouses grow vegetables, flowers, trees, cannabis and shrubs. Many greenhouses have transparent roofs to allow sunlight to grow the plants. Other greenhouses are in buildings and use special lights to act as the sunlight.  Commercial greenhouses that are exposed to sunlight become warmer than the external temperature which protects the plants from the effects of cold weather. The warm air cannot escape so the temperature inside rises.

A commercial greenhouse has a financial stake in the crop production. The greenhouse components and supplies play an important part in the profitability of the operation. Artificial methods such as heaters and coolers environmentally control the greenhouse. Ventilation plays and enormous role for the success of a greenhouse whether it is for commercial use or home use. Fresh air is needed for photosynthesis and plant respiration. Vents are an integral part of a greenhouse.

How does a commercial greenhouse work?

Whether it's a commercial greenhouse or a backyard greenhouse, the premise is the same. The greenhouse allows sunlight to heat the space and grow the plants. It can extend the growing season even by a few weeks in a specialized micro climate. When a greenhouse depends on the success of its crop production for commercial reasons, computers that control many aspects of the environment play an important role. Often commercial growers are very scientific in every move that they make to get the best from the vegetables, flowers and cannabis. A professional greenhouse leans heavily on the best growing practices available. The last thing they need is a failure in the structure or greenhouse plastic protecting the contents of the greenhouse.

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SolaWrap Greenhouses sustain very few failures when built properly due to the time tested film and connector system. Learn more about the 10 year UV warranty, snow and wind loads here.

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SolaWrap Greenhouses sustain very few failures when built properly due to the time tested film and connector system.


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