Ultra Black FR Polyethylene 4 Mil

Ultra Black Polyethylene 4 mil sheeting is fire retardant is excellent for covering anything needing protection from UV.  This product blocks over 99.9% of UV Rays from coming through to the surface being protected. Popular for aerospace, haunted houses, haunted theme parks, records storage and protection, and artifact preservation.

Carbon filled and the ASTM D2103.

Test Results: Passes NFPA 701-15 Test 1, CA Fire Marshal Title 19, Method 1237.1 , FAR25.853a

Approvals:  BAC5034-2 PSD-23 Barrel sections  PSD 6-29
D011U215-01 Non all weather applications only

Carbon filled, passes ASTM D2103

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***Not all Fire Retardant films are created equal***

You should confirm what fire specification it passes.  Does it pass the NFPA 701 or ASTM E 84.  Always look at your required fire specification prior to purchasing films"

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