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Global Plastic Sheeting offers flexible heavy duty plastic sheeting. It is the core of our business. From crawl space vapor barriers, greenhouse plastic, backyard ice rink liners,  fire retardant films, tarps, landscape barriers, made to order films  we have it all. Tell us your unique needs/ sizes, etc. We would like to help you. Many of our products are warehoused throughout the U.S. so we can get the product to you as quickly as possible. For product pricing and our on-line store, please click on the "Shop Now" button. Best of all- I think you will find we are a nice group of people to work with.  We truly want to help you with the best solution for your project.

Plastic Sheeting By Thickness- 10mil, 20 mil, 30 mil, etc

GPS plastic sheeting comes in a multitude of thicknesses. mil, 3 mil, 6 mil on up.

To see plastic sheeting by thicknesses  please Click HERE.

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GPS Ultra Scrim FGC is HERE!  The Food Grade and Reinforced Plastic Liner !  

GPS Ultra Scrim FGC is a "Tech Forward" new technology liner that utilizes a layering process that makes this liner high strength due to its multi-axial grid reinforcement on all layers!  This plastic sheeting/ entire liner is FDA compliant including the grid inner layers. It is 100% recyclable too! We did not take an already existing product, used for construction, tarps, etc.  We built and engineered it specifically for Aquaponics and Hydroponics, from the MIND UP and it tested with some of the biggest names in the aquaponics business.

Visit   The GPS Ultra Scrim FGC page for more information!-

Tapes - See Sale Below!


Surface Protection (Glass/Window Films, Floor Plastic, Sticky- Self-adhesive Carpet Plastic) films

 Countertop PlasticSticky Plastic for Carpet    Glass Plastic self adhesive

Construction Films-Heavy duty reinforced poly, fire retardant, vapor barrier, etc

View Video Of GPS Countertop Plastic in action!

Agricultural Products: Greenhouse Plastic- SolaWrap Bubble Film, S

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                        american_hort_socieyt                                                                         We are members of the American Horticultural Society.


GEOSYNTHETICS: HDPE Liners, Oil Field Pit Liners/Environmental Products- Heavy Plastic: Geomembranes, Geotextiles

 Visit the Page With the Following Products below- Click here.

  • GPS NWE (Non-Woven Environmental)
  • GPS NWC (Non-Woven Civil)
  • HDPE, LLDPE-Geomembrane Liners/Oil Field Pit Liners & Covers
  • Geo Liners- Water Applications
  • XR-5
  • Landfill Covers    
  • HDPE Root Barriers
  • Equipment:  Pro Wedge Welder
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Vapor Retarders-Under-Slab Vapor Barriers, Gas Blocking Liners, Temporary Erosion Control, Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting

VaporBlock 15 - Underslab Vapor RetarderClick here to view all the vapor barrier/ vaor retarder products. 


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Fire Retardant Polyester Strapping/ Plastic Strapping, Plastic Sheeting, Tapes, Switchboard Matting

Click here to select fire retardant products.  

Video- Side by side test FR vs Non-FR Plastic Sheeting


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Containment Plastic Sheeting: Ultra Heat Shrink Wrap, Polyester Strapping, Zipwall Dust Barrier, Land Capping

Heat shrinkwrap_trolley

Visit the Containment Page Here


Anti-Stat FR Heat Shrink wrap on Mars Rovershrinkwrap_boat
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Crawl Space Vapor Barriers and Basement Liners

Crawl Space Vapor retarderClick here to visit  All Crawl Space Vapor Barriers 

Products include, Ultra Scrim SR, Crawlspace 2000, Crawlspace 1800, Raven Industries, VaporBlock Plus 20, Poly Scrim 12 Antimicrobial, Viper CS 10 mil, Viper CS II 10 mil, Dura Scrim 20WW, 6WB 8 WB by Raven Industries,


String Reinforced: Plastic Sheets, Athletic Field Covers, Tarps, Covers, Custom Covers with Grommets..... Have it your way!

tarp with D ringPlastic Sheeting with GrommetsPlastic sheeting accessory

Drainage & Erosion Control-Geotextiles: Enkadrain

Flame Resistant Line/ Fire Retardant Strapping

Introducing GPS Flame Resistant Line- a fire resistant/fire retardant rope/line!

This flame resistant line is our newest product development! White in color, this rope SIMPLY WILL NOT BURN! GPS Flame Resistant Line has a melting point of 1200 degrees, which is 300 degrees higher than Kevlar®. This rope is hollow in the center, and has a round circumference.  The rope is coated with a sheathing material which allows GPS Flame Resistant Line to tie easily. Finally, after many years in development, we are proud to offer this safety product!  100% Made in the USA!

Click here to learn more about GPS FR Rope/Line

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