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Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting, Plastic Sheets, Specialized Plastics

Global Plastic Sheeting carries a wide variety of flexible heavy duty plastic sheeting and Sheet Plastic. We also offer very specialized plastic sheeting for unique projects and applications.  Bring us your problems, dilemas, unusual applications...and together let's come up with a solution. Many of our products are warehoused thoughout the U.S. so we can get the product to you as quickly as possible.

GPS has evolved into a specialty plastic sheeting company in addition to offering off the shelf plastic sheeting. Daily we are working with entities that need one of a kind formulated plastics for their unique applications.  These projects are sensitive in nature, and require everyone in our company sign Non-Disclosure Agreements. We wish we could tell you the projects/products that utilize our plastics- but we can't!  These products are used worldwide, on a massive scale. Please don't hesitate to bring us your unique or challenging projects. Our plastics engineers are the best in the field! And, yes, we love inventors! Drop us a note (Click here). Best of all, most of our products are MADE IN THE USA!



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Plastic Sheeting By Thickness- 10mil, 20 mil, 30 mil, etc

GPS plastic sheeting comes in a multitude of thicknesses. To see ALL the thicknesses to choose from, please click HERE.

Click on the thicknesses of our more popular thicknesses. 6 mil Plastic Sheeting

GPS 10 Mil Plastic Sheeting      GPS 12 Mil to 80 Mil Thick Liners   GPS 20 Mil Plastic Sheeting

GPS 30 Mil Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting

Plastic Sheeting for: Construction, Surface Protection (Glass/Window Films, Floor Plastic, Sticky- Self-adhesive Carpet Plastic) films

Greenhouse Plastic- SolaWrap Bubble Film, Tufflite, Poly Scrim 14, Tape

Plastic Sheeting for Crawlspace/Basement Liners and Vapor Retarders

GEOSYNTHETICS: HDPE Liners, Oil Field Pit Liners/Environmental Products- Heavy Plastic: Geomembranes, Geotextiles

Vapor Retarders-Under-Slab Vapor Barriers, Gas Blocking Liners, Temporary Erosion Control, Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting

Containment Plastic Sheeting: GPS Heat Shrink Wrap, Zipwall Dust Barrier, Land Capping

Fire Retardant Plastic Sheeting, Tapes, Strapping, Coatings and Fabrics, Fire Retardant Materials

Flame Resistant Line/ Fire Retardant Strapping

Introducing GPS Flame Resistant Line- a fire resistant/fire retardant rope/line!

This flame resistant line is our newest product development! White in color, this rope SIMPLY WILL NOT BURN! GPS Flame Resistant Line has a melting point of 1200 degrees, which is 300 degrees higher than Kevlar®. This rope is hollow in the center, and has a round circumference.  The rope is coated with a sheathing material which allows GPS Flame Resistant Line to tie easily. Finally, after many years in development, we are proud to offer this safety product!  100% Made in the USA!

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Drainage & Erosion Control-Geotextiles: Enkadrain

Tapes, GPS Strapping, Accessories

Athletic Field Covers, Tarps, Covers, Custom Covers with Grommets.....

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Where is Global Plastic Sheeting you ask...San Diego is made up of a bunch of little cities. While we are located in the city of Vista,  Escondido, San Marcos, Carlsbad, Oceanside are all minutes away, as is downtown San Diego.  We are located half way between I-5 and I-15 just south of the 78 freeway.