UV Resistant Greenhouse Plastic, Films and Liners- Plastic Sheeting for Outside!

The UV (ultraviolet) additive is what protects polyethylene plastic from sun damage. Nothing destroys plastic like UV. SolaWrap has a 10 year UV warranty! Cover you greenhouse once and be done with it for many years to come. The other films below will stand up to the sun because of their UV protection.  

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UV Degradation- Why does regular plastic sheeting get all torn up in the sun?

You've seen those piles of construction dirt covered in black plastic that is torn and flapping in the wind. That is because the sun's UV (ultraviolet) rays have attacked that plastic and literally made it disintegrate. Exposure to continuous sunlight is the demise of plastic sheeting.

Does all polyethylene products get ruined by sunlight?

Untreated polyethylene such as LDPE are attached when the tertiary carbon bonds have their chain attacked. The uv rays interact with these bonds and form free radicals which react with oxygen producing carbonyl groups in the main chain. Visit Wikipedia to learn more.

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