GPS Tub, Shower and Hard Surface Plastic- Self-Adhesive 8 mil Film- Clear or Blue

Tub and Shower Plastic- Self-Adhesive 8 mil

GPS Tub Plastic is heavy-duty self-adhesive 8 mil plastic sheeting for bathtub/shower protection during remodel

While remodeling or painting a bathroom, surround the tub or shower pan with Tub Plastic. It will adhere to the tub and keep the mess off the surface. The big deal however is It can be used on just about any hard surface. It is unique in one aspect. The adhesive has been formulated to adhere to porcelain,  and very few products do that well. Even duct tape falls off within a day or two. 

It is designed specifically for use on:

  • bathtubs
  • showers
  •  shower pans
  • Customers also use it to protect countertops and fixtures.
  • In the cruise line industry, this product is widely used as glass protection when building new ships (though we certainly never designed it for this purpose).
This versatile product is stocked in Clear. Standard stocked sizes are 20" x 300' and 4" x 300'. Other widths up to 48" wide are available on a custom order basis. Production lead-times are normally 10 days or less for custom orders (minimums may apply).

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