Clean Room Tacky DoorMats- The Sticky Door Mat That Takes Dirt Off Shoes!

Tacky DoorMats- Grabs the dirt off shoes like a sticky door mat! Great for open houses, home tours, hospitals, clean rooms, dusty areas where shoes are covered in dust, and so much more.

Tacky Doormats

What are Tacky DoorMats?

They are a pad similar to a door mat with a sticky side facing up to trap the debris. These mats are stacked like a pad of paper. When the pad is sufficiently soiled, remove it and uncover the next sheet. You won't believe what it takes off your shoes. If you think the soles of your shoes are clean, guess again. Shoes that walk on carpet will leave behind residue on the tacky door mats.  They are just Amazing!

Who Buys Tacky DoorMats?

  • Hospitals and clean rooms to keep clear of foreign particles and substances
  • Homeowners who want to trap dust, dirt and debris from the base of the shoe, protecting the room beyond.
  • Athletic courts who don't want dirt or small rocks on the floor
  • Customers with warehouses use them at the door from the warehouse that leads into the office. 

Available in a variety of sizes and colors. A Rigid Plastic "Tray or base" is available so mats can be used over any surface, or can be easily moved from location to location. Please note the "Trays/Bases" are a separate item, purchased individually as needed.

Packaging of Tacky Doormats:

GPS Tacky DoorMatsTM are normally packed 4 Mats per case. The standard size ships via UPS, FedEx or DHL as regular size. Please note that many of our competitor's mats ship as oversize, so their shipping costs can be quite high.

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