Light Dep. Sola Greenhouse Frames CL Series 

                                   The Greenhouse Frame with  Light Darkening Options

Greenhouse Frame with  Light Darkening Options


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The Sola Greenhouse Frame CL series is a greenhouse frame that give you the option to control the amount of light or lack there of (light deprivation) desired. Light sensitive crops thrive in this automated light deprivation greenhouse. 

What makes this Sola Greenhouse Frame CL series so special?

  • Automation lets you control the light from bright to complete darkness
    • The automated retractable interior blackout system uses a 3 layer breathable blackout material for automation of light cycles
  • Equipped with a full environmental system
    • Customized environmental control system tailored specifically for this greenhouse structure of operate HAF fans, exhaust fans, motorized inlet shutters with light traps (set up to control optional equipment: Grow lights, Kool Cel Pad System, Radiant Heat and Space Heater Unit)
  • 9 1/2" roll formed arches are 438% stronger than traditional 1 3/8" 16-gauge round tubing.
  • HAF Fans, Exhaust Fans, Motorized Inlet Shutters with Light Traps.
  • Steel end walls for a complete light seal and light reflecting insulation on both end walls for increased production from optional grow lights when closed, and from sunlight when ridge vent and sidewalls are open.
  • 4 foot swing door, roof covered in 142 Woven Poly Film

Sola Greenhouse Frame CL Series Structure:

  • Gothic Arch with sidewalls roof
  • 24' and 30' Widths
  • Peak Heights Per width/Sidewall:  12'-10", 14'-6"
  • 6' sidewall heights

Options and Upgrades:

  • Artificial sunlight for your crops with a full HPS grow light system complete with controls and suspended track to hang the lights.
  • Efficient and Effective Evaporative Cooling System with integrated light trap and rigid vent cover
  • Keep your plants nice and warm with Space Heater Units
  • Wireless card reader for remote access to Environmental Control System
  • Optimize 25-30% more grow space with the Rolling Bench System
  • Stationary bench system built to last
  • Portable Bench System for easy assembly. Lightweight to be easily moved around


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