String Reinforced  Poly Plastic Sheeting in Rolls

String Reinforced Polyethylene - The powerhouse poly sheeting!

String reinforced plastic sheeting is a film that is reinforced with poly fibers. It is the fibers that give the film its strength. It is tear resistant, waterproof, and dependable.  It comes in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and capabilities. Here is a selection of reinforced polyethylene films for you to choose from.

reinforced plastic sheeting- 12ft x 100 ft, 6 mil


Ultra Scrim FGC:  Food grade, FDA compliant, reinforced polyethylene

Ultra Scrim SR 20 White- 20 mil liner used in aquaponics 

GPS Diamond Scrim- 6, 8, 10, 12 ,20, 30,36 mil...

Crawlspace 2000- A string reinforced poly that is 20 mil white on white vapor barrier/ crawl space liner

Crawlspace 1800- 18 mil white on white string reinforced polyethylene vapor barrier/ crawl space liner

Poly Scrim  6 mil, 6 FR, 8 mil, 10 mil, 10 mil FR, 12 mil, 12 mil FR PVC, 14 mil, 20 mil

Dura-Skrim by Raven Industries  6 mil, 8 mil, 10 HUV, 10 FR, 12 mil,  

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