Poly Scrim 8 LD-Long Life, UV Stabilizer for Containments, Covers & Liners

String Reinforced Plastic Sheeting

Poly Scrim 8 LD is specifically engineered to provide high strength (string reinforced) and durability (UV stabilizers) in a lightweight material.

Product Benefits:

  • Multiple layers and cord reinforcement resists punctures and tears.
  • Grommets, tie downs, hems, zippers, drains and 3-D custom shapes available.
  • Flexibility and light weight allow for easy handling and quick installation
  • Long life expectancy allows for significant cost savings through reuse and fewer replacements.
  • Custom fabrication is available to meet your exact specification.
  • Cold-crack resistance eliminates failures in extreme cold temperatures.
  • Low permeability greatly inhibits moisture transmission.
  • UV stabilization protects the material from degradation during extended exposure to sunlight.
  • Custom fabrication is available to meet your exact specifications.
  • Class C, ASTM E-1745-97 Standard Specification for water vapor retarders used in contact with soil or granular fill under concrete slabs.
  • COLORS: White, Blue and Clear


  • Temporary walls, plant dividers, building enclosures and containment tents.
  • Shipping container covers and liners.
  • Floor covers, dust partitions and clean room enclosures.
  • Pallet, cask and drum covers for outside storage.
  • Pallet, Cable reel and drum covers for outside storage.
  • Architectural vapor retarder in walls and ceilings and in roofing systems.

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