Nuclear Grade Films/ Vapor Retarders- Contaminated Equipment Covers

Nuclear Grade Polyethylene is available in both reinforced and non-reinforced versions. 

The thinnest standard film iS 10 mil.  If a thinner version is necessary, they can be made and minimum quantities apply.

Nuclear Grade films also come in 6 mil reinforced with widths up to 40' wide in 4' increments.  The Fire Retardant version of this product come in up to 40’ widths in 4’ increments. In the FR version, green is a standard color, along with yellow and natural (almost white).

10 mil green, non-reinforced film comes in one roll size 12' x 250'.

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Ultra 10 & 15  Vapor Retarders NG (Nuclear Grade) 10 & 15 MIL

Ultra 15-NG (Nuclear Grade) is a co-extruded polyolefin membrane containing the latest polymer technology, resulting in superior puncture resistance, impact and tensile strength. 

Ultra 10 NG:

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10 mil Nuclear Grade Plastic Sheetin



Ultra 15 NG:

Data sheet for downloading

15 mil plastic sheeting also nuclear grade


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