GPS Heat Shrink Wrap Tape meets DPS 3.301 DPM #871-2

GPS Heat Shrink Tape- For Shrink Wrap Operations

GPS Heat Shrink Tape was formulated to meet the demanding needs of Shrink Wrapping applications- patching holes, taping on access doors for shrink wrapped items  This white tape is standard in 4” x 180’ and 2” x 180’.  The 4” has pinked edges for easy hand tearing in the field.

Heat Shrink Tape- For Shrink Wrap Operations

Why Chose GPS Heat Shrink Tape:

  • Adheres very strongly to heat shrink wrap polyethylene 

  • Made this one to withstand the elements, so it adheres very well over a wide temperature range. 

  • Highly water resistant, strong and durable, while remaining flexible and conformable. 

GPS Heat Shrink Tape was made for the shrink wrapping industry, yet this tape has found a home in many other industries such as:

  • Construction, Aerospace, Automobile, Manufacturing, Crawlspace and Basement encapsulation, Agriculture, Industrial applications, Shipping and Containerizing. 

If you need a high adhesion tape, this may be an excellent choice.  To give you an idea how versatile this tape is, one of the Nation’s leading commercial construction companies recently replaced 15 tapes made for various purposes (including cold weather tape) with this tape, and say it outperforms each of the tapes it replaced and saves them a lot of money.

GPS Heat Shrink Tape conforms to surfaces  and is flexible. It has a polyethylene film backing. The adhesive is rubber.  GPS Heat Shrink Tape meets DPS 3.301 DPM #871-2

Total Thickness:  8 mil  Per ASTM D-1000

Tensile Strength:  21 lb/in Per ASTM D 1000

Adhesion to Steel:  60 oz/in Per PSTC-101

Operating Temperature:  40 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit

MVTR (96% RH,100 Degrees Fahrenheit)  0.112 perms  Per ASTM D-3833

Elongation   70%

It is recommended that the GPS Heat Shrink Tape be stored between 40-60% humidity, at 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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