Halloween Decor- Haunted House Black Opaque Flame Retardant for Fun Haunting! BOO!

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Black plastic sheeting that is fire retardant is the safest solution for use in Haunted Houses. Year after year very famous amusement parks look to us for their fire retardant black plastic sheeting. If the haunted house is open to the public, it may be required by your local fire authorities. The fire marshal may ask you to show fire certificates proving the results that this plastic passes the NFPA 701-15 Test 1 fire test. NFPA 701-04. Ask for the fire certification when you order the film.

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GPS Black FR 4 mil Poly

  • 10' x 100'
  • 20' x 100'
  • 24' x 100'
  • Carbon filled, passes ASTM D2103

Global CFRP Tape 3" x 60'

Black, Orange, White, Red

Black Halloween tape fire retardant

Flame retardant PVC Tape, Black (also approved in white, red and orange)

GPS Haunted House FR Tape

268 Black FR Tape 2" x 100'

Flame-Retardant Tape Medium adhesion Black Color Tape, General-duty, Low chance of adhesive residue on surface when tape is removed.

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Six Flags haunted castle fire remembered 30 years later


Flame Retardant Plastic VS Non-fire Retardant Plastic- 

Look at what happens when you light each it on fire!

Haunted House Opaque Black Fire Retardant Plastic


Safety with Plastic Sheeting



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