Type- 55 ASFR| Passes NFPA-99 Static Decay and is String Reinforced!

BEST ASFR product on the market today.  Why?

  • The anti-static capabilities are permanent- something other ASFR products lack.
  • Highly desirable in critical electronic equipment and material areas such as phone/computer server rooms where fire retardancy is a requirement.
  • Effective for industrial  packaging requiring anti static protection
  • Only reinforced ASFR film on the market today= Strong, reusable yet light weight.

Griffolyn Type-55 ASFR is a 3 ply laminate combining 2 layers of anti-static fire retardant LLDPE film and a high strength cord grid. It is specifically engineered to provide anti- static fire retardant performance in a durable lightweight material.

Type 55 ASFR Safety Code Conformity

  •  Passes NFPA 701 Large Scale – “Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Flame-Propagation of Textiles and Films”.
  •  Class I, Class A flame spread rating per UBC-42 and ASTM E-84.
  •  Passes NFPA-99 for static decay.


       What Else Makes This Film Outstanding?

  •  Stock rolls available with imprint stating name, product fire retardancy and antistatic rating properties.
  • Custom fabrication is available to meet your exact specifications.
  • Low permeability greatly inhibits moisture transmission.
  • Flexibility and light weight allow for easy handling and quick installation.
  • Flexibility and light weight allow for easy handling and quick installation.
  • Made In the U.S.A.


SIZES:  Custom sizes up to 100’ x 200’ and custom fabrication are available to meet your exact specifications.


Minimum: 0 ̊ F -18 ̊ C Maximum: 170 ̊ F 77 ̊ C

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