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Griffolyn™Griff-Shrink 5-Ply VCI is a heat shrinkable laminate that consists of five layers, each serving a specific purpose. This laminate is fortified with reinforcement to provide excellent tear resistance and outdoor durability. It also contains anti-corrosive properties that safeguard coated and uncoated ferrous metal surfaces against corrosion.

The inner layer of this laminate is infused with a volatile corrosion inhibitor that acts as a protective shield. The outer layer, on the other hand, is UV stabilized to extend its lifespan when exposed to harsh outdoor conditions. The middle layer is designed to provide additional protection against abrasion and puncture, making it suitable for rugged applications.

Two reinforcing grids are present in this laminate, which ensures a uniform loading resistance in all directions. These grids contain a minimum of 100 strands per square foot, making it highly robust and sturdy. This lightweight material is specifically engineered to provide high strength and durability, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

Under normal continuous exposure the average life expectancy ranges from 30 to 48 months.            Made in the USA

Griffolyn™Griff-Shrink 5-Ply VCI is a reinforced 5-Ply heat shrinkable laminate t

The Features and Benefits of Griff-Shrink

Griff-Shrink™ combines the strength of reinforced Griffolyn® materials with the properties of shrink wrap to cut the costs
of conventional product packaging, shipping and storage problems.
• High Strength cord reinforcement resists tears and punctures.
• UV stabilization protects the material from degradation during extended exposure to sunlight and weather.
• VCI inhibits corrosion on metal and corrosion prone materials.
• Cold-crack resistance provides protection in extremely cold temperatures.
• Low permeability provides moisture and vapor barrier performance.
• Flexibility and light weight allow for easy handling and quick installation.
• Custom fabrication is available to meet your exact specification• Can be fabricated in the field.
• Protects the largest shipments.
• Provides cost savings by eliminating secondary cleaning operations.
• On site sealing allows quick field fabrication.
• Logo and name printing available.

Suggested Applications

• Shipping covers and Industrial packaging
• Long range outdoor storage protection
• Pallet and Drum Covers
• Reusable parts bags
• Tubing for packaging
• Equipment covers
Ordering Information

White, effectively reduces condensation and moisture build up.
Clear for product identification.

Custom fabrication is avaiable to meet your exact specifications. Specify [length x width x height] for preformed bags or
[length x width] for cut flat sheets.

Custom sizes and custom fabrication are avaiable to meet your exact specifications to include layflat bags, tubing and 3
dimensional shapes.

Bags from 7” x 15” up to 44” x 74”

Tubing in rolls or sections for irregular lengths

Minimum:     -40°F     -40°C
Maximum:     170°F     77°C

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