Greenhouse Roofing Material/ Greenhouse Covering- What you need to know

Greenhouse roofing/ film requirements are easy to calculate

We just need the following information:

Cannabis greenhouse Solawrap

  • What is your greenhouse type?
  • What is your bow spacing?
  • How long are your bows?  (end to end along the curve)
  • Do you have vertical walls on the sides and did you want to do a roll up curtain?
  • Material make of your greenhouse? PVC, steel, or wood?

Just to recap some of the highlights of SolaWrap technical details:

  • R-Value 1.7 
  • 83% transparency
  • Up to 83% diffused light (only product on the market with both high transparency and high diffusion)
  • 120 lbs per square foot snow load rating (approx 15 feet of snow)
  • 100 mph wind rating (has survived 135 mph windstorms in Alaska)
  • Full UV Degradation warranty of 10 years (better warranty than polycarbonate)
  • Has been shown to last over 30 years on greenhouses in Europe
  • Does not yellow or get brittle
  • Flexible so it can be rolled up inside wall curtains
  • More cost efficient than polycarbonate 

  Solawrap Sample Request

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 SolaWrap Greenhouse film has been used in Europe for 30 years and has just been introduced to the USA. Since it is new in the US we are working with reputable Universities to trial it in comparison to double blown poly, polycarbonate, and glass greenhouses. We feel that the results will be very interesting for the greenhouse industry as a whole. 

We have started also setting up some interesting trials with some major sized growers all over the United States!

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