Enkamat Plus 7420- Field Protection with a Class A Flame Spread Rating

Enkamat Plus 7420 is a 3-dimensional heavy duty Enkamat core heat-bonded to an eight ounce polyester geotextile fabric. The Enkamat core is produced from nylon mono-filaments fused together at their intersections. The 95% open structure of the nylon core allows water and other liquids to drain through to the turf below while providing a tough, walkable surface for players and coaches. Enkamat Plus has a Class A Flame Spread rating per ASTM E84.

     Enkamat Plus 7420- Field Protection

Enkamat Plus 7420 Recommended Applications

 Athletic Fields  Football & Soccer Sideline Matting  Concert Venues  Batting Cage & Fungo Mat  Replaces Old-Style Tarps & Polyester Matting

Features and Benefits

  • Rolls out and rolls up in no time flat
  • Reusable time and again
  • Protects natural turf from being destroyed during games
  • Water flows through and does not build up on the surface
  • Provides air space between the turf and foot traffic
  • Easy to store

Enka Products  Application Chart

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Enkamat Plus 7420  Physical Properties



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