Crawlspace 2000- 20 mil White Crawl Space Vapor Barrier- Crawl Space Encapsulation

20 Mil White Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Crawlspace 2000 was developed to meet the high demand for a 20 mil white string reinforced crawl space liner. Not only will encapsulating your crawl space with Crawlspace 2000 brighten up the space, but you can say good bye to the damp, moldy odors that often beset crawl spaces. This can lead to structural decay and potential health issues.  This liner is designed to outlast the life of your home!
                          Before Crawlspace 2000 Smelly basement without Crawlspace 2000 Vapor Barrier.jpeg   After Crawlspace 2000 Crawlspace Vapor barrier brings freshness to the space.jpeg

Crawlspace 2000 offers:

  • A multi-ply laminate containing a high strength cord grid for stability
  • Made from 100% Virgin Polyethylene resins
  • Roll Size:  6' x 100', 12' x 100' 
  • Weight:  93 LB/1000 SQ FT
  • Temperature range:  Minimum: -40°  F, Maximum:  170° F