Construction Containment: ULTRA ASFR Heat Shrink Wrap, ZipWall, Tacky Door Mats

Looking for products to enclose a structure or area, as well as mats to catch the debris from shoes? Please click on the links below to learn more about each product.

ULTRA ASFR-Shrink Wrap Film- Yes a 9 mil Anti-Static Fire Retardant Heat Shrink Wrap Film!

Ultra Heat Shrink Wrap Film-Weather Protection, Scaffold Sheeting, Wind Screen

Heat Shrink Wrap in Action- Global Plastic SheetingGPS Heat SHRINK  Buy heat shrink wrap FR

Ultra Heat Shrink Wrap  is used for many purposes, including wrapping of Yachts, Boats, Helicopters, Bridges, US Navy Ships, Scaffolding, Shipping covers for pallets, Medical supply packaging, Food packaging, plus covering and packaging for 10's of thousands of items!

 Free Shipping on GPS Heat Shrink 14' x 150' in a 6 mil!  Great for wrapping patio furniture, RV's, boats, and cars.  $102.40! 

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ZipWall Barrier- The Temporary Dust Barrier Containment  System for  Work-site dust control! Keeps dust contained to the area specify!

This heavy duty dust containment system is designed to last for years. It's re-usable.  Zipwall is available in a full package system or as individual parts.  Can be  used to meet EPA requirements for lead abatement dust control systems. There is not better way to contain an area that is under renovation.

Need to dry a room for a fire restoration? Zipwall works with positive or negative air, and can section off a room and make it smaller for quicker drying time. Great resource for all restoration companies.

Dust Barrierzipwall cut drying times 1 resized 600

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GPS Tacky Doormats- The Sticky/Tacky Mat that traps Dirt

Tacky DoormatsTacky DM on job resized 600

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