GPS 8 mil Black FR Polyethylene

GPS 8 mil black fire retardant plastic sheeting is a black opaque polyethylene sheeting.  It is a fire retardant, 8 mil, and is excellent for covering anything needing protection from UV, as this product blocks over 99.9% of UV Rays from coming through to the surface being protected.


***Not all Fire Retardant films are created equal***

You should confirm what fire specification it passes.  Does it pass the NFPA 701 or ASTM E 84.  Always look at your required fire specification prior to purchasing films"

8 mil black fire retardant poly rolls

Popular for aerospace, records storage and protection, and artifact preservation.

Test Results: Passes NFPA 701-04 Test 1, CA Fire Marshal Title 19, Section 1237.1 , FAR25.853a

Passes ASTM E84 Class A

Approvals: BAC5034-2 PSD6-23 Barrel sections D011U215-01 All weather applications


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