Plastic Carpet Protector/ Runner- Self Adhesive Film


Carpet plastic gift

Carpet Plastic to Protect Entire Carpet

  •   Use as a runner- Safe on wool carpeting!
  •   Keep the Red Wine Off Your Carpet For Parties

  Carpet Plastic Carpet Protector  is an incredible self-adhesive carpet protection/floor covering       polyethylene film will withstand construction activities and foot traffic for 45 days in normal                   circumstances    

  Global Plastic Sheeting's special plastic is a blended LDPE/LLDPE for maximum strength and                   elongation, so it can stretch to at least 4 times its normal length to absorb impacts.

  State of the art water-based adhesives are used while manufacturing this product under very strict        quality assurance guidelines (ISO9001-2000 certified facilities) in the USA. Packaging is always in          generic boxes with generic labels for distributors who wish to have us drop ship to their customers.      Reverse wound on the rolls for the most popular uses, for the fastest application. Rolls for automotive   and stairs are normally regular wind (wound like a roll of tape). Because one adhesive system and film type are not always ideal for all types of carpeting, Global Plastic Sheeting offers different versions of this product line to cover the specific needs of several different industries.

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Put Carpet Plastic down before a party, and let the good times roll! So what if the buffalo wings fall, and the red wine spills. You won't care. Just pull up the plastic, and your carpet is perfect!

Spill wine on the carpet no problem


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