Enkamat- Enkadrain-Dainage Mat EnkaRetain & Drain- Enkavent: Erosion Control, Soil Reinforcement

The Enkadrain product family consists of a range of drainage composites comprising a polymer drainage core connected to a protective and filtering nonwoven on one or both sides. Enkadrain can be used in a variety of horizontal and vertical applications, combining drainage, protection and filtration in one product. Looking for high-quality erosion control products- drainage mats, nonwovens, wovens, knitted fabrics, three-dimensional polymeric mats, construction fibres and composites for Civil Engineering, Interior, Construction, Agro and Industrial applications?
Enkadrain Functions include: Drainage at various gradients • Protection • Filtration • Vibration damping • Hydrostatic pressure relief • Capillary layer

Application areas:   Basement walls • Retaining walls • Bridge abutments • Embankments • Tunnels • Parking decks • Green roofs • Artificial sports fields • Concrete slabs

Features and benefits • Leading drainage composite for over four decades • Combines drainage, protection and filtration in one product • Various discharge capacities and compressive strengths available • Eliminates clogging of the drainage core • No deterioration of the boundaries associated with traditional drainage methods • Will not degrade over time and will not pollute the subsoil • Excellent durability and long-term performance • The product is lightweight, strong and easy to install in all weathers • Supplied in small rolls for ease of handling and installation • Can be disposed of and recycled safely after service life • Reduces carbon footprint compared to more traditional drainage methods

Enkamat Enkadrain-Dainage Mat EnkaRetain & Drain



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Enkamat 3D Matting/Erosion Control Blankets

Enkamat drainage fibers

3D-mats are unique strong three-dimensional open structured polymeric mats, made of monofilaments fused together where they intersect.  Erosion control and turf reinforcement along with other civil applications. 


Vegetation mats


By using a « composite » of a 3D mat with a needlepunched nonwoven fleece, a so-called growth medium carrier can be made which is excellently suited for thin vegetated mats used as greenroofs..

Enkamat Installation Guide for Slopes and Channels- This guide explains the installation of Enkamat on channels and slopes- complete with diagrams.

Selection Guide For Enkadrains on Sloped Green Roofs- This guide defines the roof gradient and suggests which Enkadrain will best suit the situation.

EnkaMat/ EnkaDrain/ EnkaRetain Applications Chart Click here

Applications include green roofs, plaza decks, beneath slabs, planters, under pavers, foundation walls, radon mitigation, hydrostatic pressure relief, and much much more.


Enkadrain Vertical Drainage:

Video of a high speed railway in Poitiers and building foundations in Paris. Two prime examples of how our Enkadrain can be used vertically - for drainage of a railway embankment and behind basement walls.





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