Black Plastic Sheeting- Heavy Duty Rolls, Many Types and Sizes- 

Black Polyethylene Sheeting- Many of these products can not  be obtained at a big box store or local hardware store.

Black Polyethylene Sheeting- Many of these products can not  be obtained at a big box store or local hardware store.

Black plastic sheeting has many names: * Black Poly * Black Visqueen * Black Film * Black Reinforced Plastic/Film....

What is black polyethylene?

Black poly sheeting is polyethylene sheeting that has had a black additive added to make it opaque. Often other additives are added such as fire retardant, UV additive, anti-static additive, adhesives...and the list goes on. It is used in agriculture, aerospace, ship building, environmental project and more.

Black plastis sheeting can be made in a wide variety of thicknesses to best fit the job it is protecting.

What is black plastic sheeting used for?

 It is used in museums, aerospace, haunted houses, and anywhere fire safety is important. Rolls of black plastic sheeting come in multiple lengths and thicknesses for convenience.

How long does black plastic last?

The sun is plastic sheeting's biggest enemy! It depends where the plastic is used- how close to the equator, etc. If it is exposed to direct sunlight and extreme heat it will be lucky to last 3 months. If it is burried, it will last longer, but will decompose at some point.

Black Plastic Sheeting can also be made into tubing for various industries.

Below are the black plastic sheeting choices that are black on both sides of the film.

Please click on the product name to learn more about these black plastic sheeting options:

Black FR Corrugated Sheets, 4mm

Construction & Agricultural (Visqueen)  Many thicknesses

Black Fire Retardant film      4 mil &  8 Mil 

Poly Scrim 8 HD                     6 mil            Scrim Reinforced

Poly Scrim 10                           10 mil           Scrim Reinforced

Poly Scrim 12                              12 mil           Scrim Reinforced

Poly Scrim 20                               20 mil           Scrim Reinforced

All GPS HDPE Liners- 12, 20.30,40,60,80 mil

XR-5          Ethylene Interpolymer Alloy (EIA)

LLDPE up to 60 mil

Poly Scrim 6,8,10,14 and 20 mil

Black FR 4,6,8, mil


Not sure which film will work best for your job? Reach out to us, and we will be glad to help you!

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