Armorlon AT-300 FR (Fire Retardant)

AT-300 FR - 18 oz PVC laminated polyester scrim

AT-300 FR is a heavy duty 18 oz PVC laminated polyester scrim product with taffeta embossed finish. The material is fire and weather resistant with a high tensile strength. Flame resistant to Federal Standard 191-5903

Armorlon AT-300 FR: The Ultimate Fire Shield Tarp for Extreme Environments

When it comes to heavy-duty fire protection, the Armorlon AT-300 FR reigns supreme. This exceptional tarp isn't your average piece of plastic sheeting; it's a fire-resistant powerhouse designed to handle the most demanding jobs in extreme environments. Let's explore how the AT-300 FR tackles challenges in various industries:


  • Engine and Component Covers During Overhaul: During major aircraft engine overhauls, the AT-300 FR provides a crucial fire-resistant shield. Its exceptional flame retardancy (meeting stringent NFPA 701 standards) offers an extra layer of safety in hangars, especially when working with hot processes or flammable materials.

  • Welding and High-Heat Operations: The AT-300 FR acts as a superior fire barrier during welding or high-heat treatment processes on critical aircraft parts. It effectively contains sparks, embers, and molten materials, preventing accidental fires and ensuring worker safety.

  • Runway and Taxiway Protection: In case of accidental fuel spills or minor aircraft mishaps on runways or taxiways, the AT-300 FR can be deployed for rapid containment. Its fire resistance helps prevent spills from igniting and minimizes environmental impact.

What Makes It Different?

The AT-300 FR surpasses ordinary plastic sheeting in several ways:

  • Unmatched Fire Retardancy: Boasting the highest fire resistance among Armorlon tarps, the AT-300 FR surpasses NFPA 701 standards. This makes it ideal for applications where exceptional fire safety is paramount.
  • Extreme Durability: Constructed with a thick, multi-layered, fiberglass-reinforced core, the AT-300 FR offers unparalleled strength and tear resistance. It can withstand extreme temperatures, punctures, and harsh environments.
  • Weatherproof and Self-Extinguishing: The AT-300 FR is built to endure any weather condition. It's waterproof, UV-resistant, and self-extinguishing, ensuring long-lasting performance and additional fire safety.

Beyond Aerospace: Applications in Construction, Manufacturing, Agriculture & Transportation

The AT-300 FR's unmatched capabilities extend its reach to various industries:


  • High-Heat Operations and Demolition Protection: During high-heat demolition projects involving torches or cutting equipment, the AT-300 FR provides a crucial fire barrier, safeguarding surrounding structures and workers.

  • Fire-Resistant Wall and Ceiling Barriers: In situations requiring temporary fire-resistant walls or ceilings during construction or renovations, the AT-300 FR offers a dependable solution.


  • Foundry Operations and Spark Containment: In foundries where molten metal is poured, the AT-300 FR acts as a vital fire barrier, containing sparks and molten metal splatter, minimizing fire risks and worker injuries.

  • High-Temperature Process Enclosures: When working with high-temperature processes or hazardous materials, the AT-300 FR can be used to create temporary enclosures, providing an extra layer of fire safety and containment.


  • Emergency Fire Protection for Barns and Storage: In case of accidental fires in barns or storage structures housing agricultural equipment or crops, the AT-300 FR can be deployed for emergency fire containment, potentially minimizing damage.

  • Protection During Brush Clearing and Controlled Burns: During controlled burns for land management, the AT-300 FR can be used to create fire breaks or barriers, helping to control the spread of flames and protecting nearby structures.


  • Securing Flammable and Hazardous Materials: When transporting highly flammable or hazardous materials on open-bed trucks, the AT-300 FR provides the ultimate fire-resistant cover. Its exceptional properties offer an extra layer of safety and containment in case of accidents.

  • High-Temperature Equipment Covers: For oversized or high-temperature equipment being transported on open trailers, the AT-300 FR offers superior protection from the elements and additional fire safety.


The Armorlon AT-300 FR is more than just a fire-resistant tarp; it's an essential safety tool for extreme environments. Whether you're in the aerospace industry safeguarding multi-million dollar aircraft or working in a foundry handling molten metal, the AT-300 FR's unmatched fire resistance and durability make it a valuable asset. So, next time a project demands the ultimate fire protection, look no further than the Armorlon AT-300 FR – the ultimate fire shield tarp.


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