Polyester Strapping "Poly Cord" in Flame Retardant and Non-Flame Retardant

GPS Safety Strapping "Poly Cord" and Ultra FR Strapping is a heavy duty Safety Strapping/ Poly Cord 

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 Strapping is a flat material that is most often used for bundling and banding items to hold them in place. Strapping is also used to fasten or reinforce products. Strapping is used in agriculture, construction, shipping, packaging, lumber yards, and just about anywhere items need to be held together (contained) with something more than twine or string. There are different kinds of strapping- Steel strapping, plastic strapping, woven poly strapping.

  • Safer and Superior alternative to steel banding 
  • High-tenacity woven polyester strapping
  • Can be printed with your company name or logo
  • Ease of Disposal
  • Designed for load containment applications 
  • Retains its high level of tension! 
  • Reduces the potential for product damage and personal injury
  • Weighs less than steel strapping
  • Will not rust,damage or stain the product
  • Has natural shock absorption providing the ability to move without breaking.
  • Strap stays tight and does not loosen

Polyester woven strap is specifically formulated to meet or exceed the break strength of steel strapping.

1/2" light duty 2 Qty./Cs. 27 Cs./Plt.
5/8" light duty 2 Qty./Cs. 27 Cs./Plt.
5/8" heavy duty 2 Qty./Cs. 27 Cs./Plt.
3/4" light duty 2 Qty./Cs. 27 Cs./Plt.
3/4" medium duty 2 Qty./Cs. 27 Cs./Plt.
3/4" heavy duty 2 Qty./Cs. 27 Cs./Plt.
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Click here for Fire Retardant version called Ultra FR Strapping- It's white with the red stripe.



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