6 Mil (Six Mil) Plastic Reinforced or Non-Reinforced, Opaque/ Clear - Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting Rolls

White polyethylene sheeting 6 mil

6 mil plastic sheeting- General Purpose Plastic Films 20' x 100' lengths and more

6 mil plastic is a general purpose film for endless applications. It is used on the construction site and at home for the DIY projects. The versions include: opaque, clear, white/black, fire retardant, anti-static fire retardant, reinforced, and fire retardant reinforced plastic sheeting.

Applications include:

Barge Liners/ Liners  *  Construction enclosures (Picture on Right) *  Greenhouse Plastic * Paint Tarp * Temporary Erosion Control * Construction Enclosures
Remediation Covers * Temporary liners or Covers * Shipping and Packaging * Insulation Membranes * Curtains * Job Site Covers * Vapor Retarders
Lumber Covers * Shelter Cover * Cargo Wraps * Silage Covers

What is the thickest plastic sheeting? 

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  • 6 mil anti-static, fire retardant
  • white film= No Static electricity
  • White

Ultra Scrim SR 6- LDPE

  • 2 layers of LDPE with high strength cord in the middle
  • Used for custom tarps, covers, enclosures, containments
  • UV stabilized, Low permeability

Poly Scrim 6FR

  • Fire retardant
  • String Reinforced
  • White -Opaque

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GPS Diamond Scrim

  •  Two sheets of high strength polyethylene film laminated together with a third layer of molten PE.
  • Tri-directional scrim/string that is 1000 denier in encapsulated within the sheets. 
  • High tear resistance and strength.

Heat Shrink Wrap 6 mil

  • White or blue
  • Wraps and protects items of all shapes and sizes




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