GPS 4 Mil Black FR Plastic (Black Polyethylene Sheeting) Carbon filled, passes ASTM D2103

Black Opaque Polyethylene sheeting - Fire Retardant 4 mil

Excellent for Covering anything needing protection from UV, as this product blocks over 99.9% of UV Rays from coming through to the surface being protected. Popular for aerospace, haunted houses, records storage and protection, and artifact preservation.

Test Results: Passes NFPA 701-04 Test 1, CA Fire Marshal Title 19, Method 1237.1 , FAR25.853a BAC5034-2 PSD-23 Barrel sections

Carbon filled and the ASTM D2103.

D011U215-01 Non all weather applications only.

Sizes:  8' x 100'         20' x 100' Other sizes available with minimum quantities satisfied.

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