30 mil Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting/ Geomembranes

Check out the heavy duty 30 mil  liners below!  Bring out the big guns!

30 mil LLDPE

GPS Woven Coated HDPE

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XR-5- Ethylene Interpolymer Alloy 30 mil liners

XR-5 30 mil liner 760 597 9298


XR 5 geomembranes are highly resistant and non-degradable with extreme puncture and tear resistance, as well as dimensional stability under high loads and temperature fluctuations. All XR Geomembrane products are classified as an Ethylene Interpolymer Alloy (EIA). They are very stable, with low thermal expansion and contraction properties and come in factory panels over 15,000 square feet (1400 square meters) for less field seaming.

GPS DeckProtek 30 mil

GPS DeckProtek 30 mil is an extra heavy duty plastic sheeting product that is used for heavy duty protection. 

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