20 Mil Reinforced Plastic Sheeting- Black Or White Outdoor Film

20 mil string reinforced Plastic Sheeting- Agriculture, DIY

20 Mil UV Stabilized Outdoor Plastic Sheeting/ String Reinforced Black or White


Griffolyn® 20 Mil Reinforced Outdoor is a multiply laminate combining two films with a high strength grid. It is specifically engineered to provide high
strength and durability.

• UV Stabilized to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight
• Custom fabrication is available to meet your exact

APPLICATION for 20 Mil Black SR Plastic Sheeting:

  1. Agriculture: It can be used as a protective covering for crops, to create a greenhouse effect, or to control weed growth in fields.

  2. Construction: It can be used as a moisture barrier under concrete slabs or to cover and protect construction materials from rain or weather damage.

  3. Landscaping: It can be used as a barrier for retaining walls, as a lining for ponds, or to create a weed barrier under mulch.

  4. Emergency and disaster relief: It can be used as a temporary shelter or covering for damaged roofs or structures.

  5. Industrial: It can be used as a barrier for hazardous materials or to protect equipment and machinery from environmental damage.

  6. Transportation: It can be used to cover and protect goods during transportation or as a tarp for trucks or trailers.

  7. Sports and recreation: It can be used to cover and protect sports fields or as a base for temporary ice skating rinks.

  8. DIY projects: It can be used in various DIY projects such as as a ground cover or as a barrier for moisture and insects.


20 mil reinforced black

Available Colors: BLACK, WHITE
Usable Temperature Range:
Minimum: -40°F -40°C
Maximum: 170°F 77°C

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