20 Mil Plastic Liner: String and Non-String Reinforced, LLDPE, HDPE

20 mil Thick Plastic Sheeting

20 mil plastic sheeting is in great demand for many reasons- its strength, durability, and color options. 20 mil plastic sheeting is used in crawl spaces and for crawl space encapsulation, under concrete as a vapor retarder, as a hockey rink linker, for aquaponics,  and anywhere puncture resistance and high strength are needed.

Ultra Scrim SR 20 WW- Our Best Selling 20 mil liner!

A 20 mil white liner used in aquaponics, or as a heavy duty tarp.


Ultra Scrim 20 mil HDPE-

Ultra Scrim SR 20 HDPE is a string reinforced high density polethylene film with three high strength cord grids.

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