10 Year FULL UV Warranty Greenhouse Film- The Clear Choice!

Aren't all greenhouse films alike?

No, all greenhouse films are not alike, and none hold a candle to Solawrap! How may films out there offer a 10 year warranty against UV degradation? None as of this writing. This 10 year warranty is NOT prorated either! That a huge advantage!

How many greenhouse film can sustain 120 lbs per square foot snow load rating (approx 15 feet of snow)? There is no way a 6 mil poly film will even come close.

What about 100 mph wind rating (has survived 135 mph windstorms in Alaska)? Solawrap is a beast! Bring on the harsh weather!

Can a greenhouse film this strong be rolled up for side curtains? YES YES YES!  Solawrap comes in a big roll and is flexible and easy to work with!

What's the R-value you ask? Solawrap greenhouse film is proud of their 1.7 R value. The bubbles will help keep your greenhouse warm in the winter, and cooler in the summer!

SolaWrap Greenhouse Film Roll Sizes***:

  • 4' x 328'
  • 5' x 328'
  • 6' x 328'

*** Solawrap is measured from the center of each connector holding the film on the greenhouse. Center to center equals 4', 5' and 6'. The film sizes are true when used with the connectors. Actually film sizes are one inch less, 4 foot is 47 inches, 5 foot is 59 inches, and 6 foot is 71 inches.

Are you ready for a sample of this amazing greenhouse film? Just give us a call and we will put a packet in the mail for you.

SolaWrap Sample Please



Greeenhouse film Solawrap build



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