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Ultra Perm Tape...  NEW!!

Ultra_Perm_tape-1.jpg       Introducing Ultra Perm Tape! It is a FISH SAFE exceptionally aggressive all weather tape for waterproof,patching.  Sticks to virtually anything. Looking for a highly durable, heavy duty tape that sticks? This is the one! (They should have called it "The Beast")! 4" x 50'

 *  VOC free    *  Stable from 70°F to 200°F.  *  EDM, TPO, Metal Roof Patching- withstands extreme roof temps. *  flexible......  READ MORE.

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 Polyken 225FR Tape 2" x 60yds It's Fire/Flame Retardant!

Polyken 225FR Tape 2

Polyken 225 FR is a superior flame retardant polyethylene coated waterproof tape with an exceptionally aggressive adhesive to a variety of substrates including steel and plastic. MORE INFO

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GPS Res Free Tape

  • LDPE 
  • Acrylic Adhesive
  • High adhesion and cohesion
  • Conformable for irregular surfaces
  • Excellent moisture barrier



ZipWall Double Sided Tape

  •  Holds plastic sheeting to the wall without harming the wall surface!
  • Coverthermostats, paintings on a wall, window openings, etc.  
  • Double-sided tape is like traditional painter's tape on one side, while the other side has an adhesive designed specifically to hold plastic sheeting in tact. 
  • This tape is made with paper not cloth, so its a cinch to tear.  You can forget the scissors and knives. 
  • Readjustable up to an hour
  • Rated for 14 days
  • Roll Size:  1" x 60', 2' x 60'
  • Side 1 is like painters tape-Side 2 hold plastic tightly

 R25B Tape 

R25B Tape

  • Single sided aggressive synthetic elastomeric adhesive that bonds instantly to properly prepared polyethylene and polypropylene.


Vapor Seamimg Tape

Vapor Bond Tape

This heavy duty white single-sided tape combines a heavy duty, weather-resistant polyethylene backing with an aggressive rubber adhesive.  It provides excellent seaming strength for vapor retarder, cover, and liner applications.


Typical Value

Typical Value


Test method

Total thickness

8 mils


ASTM D 1000


Adhesion to Steel

60 oz./in.

6.57 N/cm


Adhesion to Backing

22 oz./in

2.42 N/cm


Tensile Strength

23 lb./in.

40.28 N/cm

ASTM D 1000

Maximum Performance Temperature

180 D F



MVTR (96% RH, 100°F)

0.119 Perms


ASTM D-3833

E longation (%)

90 %



Tack (Rolling Ball)




Minimum Application Temp






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