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GPS Heat Shrink Tape- The Heat Shrink Wrap Tape

GPS Heat Shrink Tape was formulated to meet the demanding needs of Shrink Wrapping applications.  This white tape is standard in 4” x 180’ and 2” x 180’.  The 4” has pinked edges for easy hand tearing in the field.  This tape adheres very strongly to heat shrink wrap polyethylene.  We made this one to withstand the elements, so it adheres very well over a wide temperature range.  This tape is highly water resistant, is strong and durable, while remaining flexible and conformable. 

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TGM-3300 Buytl-Based Tape-Water-Proof!

 TGM-3300 is a butyl-based tape that has a release liner on each side of the material.  It is capable of bonding a variety of items together.  TGM-330 stays flexible during its application but offers an aggressive grip. It provides immediate adhesion on contact, and maintains a superior long-term bonding. This gray tape is perfect for metal, plastics and some fabrics. TGM-3300's pressure sensitive properties allow a fast, clean and easy application. 

Size:  2"x50'

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Polyken 225FR Tape 2" x 60yds It's Fire/Flame Retardant!

Polyken 225FR Tape 2

Polyken 225 FR is a superior flame retardant polyethylene coated waterproof tape with an exceptionally aggressive adhesive to a variety of substrates including steel and plastic. MORE INFO

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Vapor Tape-Heavy Duty, Weather Resistant

Vapor Bond Tape

This white single-sided tape combines a heavy duty, weather-resistant polyethylene backing with an aggressive rubber adhesive.  It provides excellent seaming strength for vapor retarder, cover, and liner applications.


Typical Value

Typical Value


Test method

Total thickness

8 mils


ASTM D 1000


Adhesion to Steel

60 oz./in.

6.57 N/cm


Adhesion to Backing

22 oz./in

2.42 N/cm


Tensile Strength

23 lb./in.

40.28 N/cm

ASTM D 1000

Maximum Performance Temperature

180 D F



MVTR (96% RH, 100°F)

0.119 Perms


ASTM D-3833

E longation (%)

90 %



Tack (Rolling Ball)




Minimum Application Temp





Polyken 268 Black FR(Flame Retardant) Tape 2" x 100' 

Polyken 268 black FR tape is a medium adhesion Black Color Tape, General-duty, Low chance of adhesive residue on surface when tape is removed. 

268 Fr Black Tape GPS


Global CFRP Tape 3"x 60' Black or White

The Virtually no residue tape! 

Global CFRP Tape 3x60 Black Global Plastic Sheeting's CFRP TapeBuy CFRP Tape

Flame retardant PVC Tape- Black, White, Red, and Orange.

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 Butyl Seal Tape-the double-sided rubber tape

Butyl seal is a double-sided aggressive reinforced black butyl rubber tape.

Butyl seal is a double-sided aggressive reinforced black butyl rubber tape. 


Vapor Tape  Plus

Vapor Bond Plus Tape

Vapor Tape Plus is a single-sided aluminum foil tape with a release liner for ease of installation.

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R25B Tape 

R25B Tape

R25B Tape is a single sided aggressive synthetic elastomeric adhesive that bonds instantly to properly prepared polyethylene and polypropylene.

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ZipWall Double Sided Tape

Zipwall Double Sided Tape: The Tape that holds plastic sheeting to the wall without harming the wall surface!

ZipWall double sided tape makes is as easy as it gets to cover or seal anything with plastic sheeting such as thermostats, paintings on a wall, window openings, etc.  This double-sided tape is like traditional painter's tape on one side, while the other side has an adhesive designed specifically to hold plastic sheeting in tact.  This tape is made with paper not cloth, so its a cinch to tear.  You can forget the scissors and knives. 

Need to move the plastic?  The adhesive on side 2 (plastic-side) gives you about an hour to adjust or reposition the plastic sheeting.  The ZipWall tape is rated for 14 days.  We recommend testing the surface you plan to add the tape to.

Roll Size:  1" x 60', 2' x 60'

Side 1 is like painters tape

Side 2 hold plastic tightly

Let's you reposition the plastic for up to 1 hour.

Tear like paper since it is made from paper!