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Ice Skating Rink Liners-Hockey Rink Plastic Sheeting- Superior Plastic Sheeting To Hold Up!

Many types of plastic sheeting can be used for Ice Skating, or hockey rink linersGlobal Plastic Sheeting Ice skating liner with kids skatingice rink framing system

We often get asked, "what is the difference between your liners and other liners on the market?"

Our liners are made from virgin resins and do not contain any post-consumer or reprocessed resins.  Why is this important?  We control the types of polyethylene used, so our liners have maximum strength, stretch, and puncture resistance for use as ice skating rink liners.  If you have struggled with products from your hardware or building supply store, you may already have experience with inferior products.  Those products are made using the least expensive resins available anywhere, including reprocessed, recycled, and post-consumer content. Before you buy an ice skating rink liner or a kit that comes with a liner, understand how thick the liner is. Find out if it has string reinforcement to stop tears. One puncture while you are building your liner, and things get a lot more difficult!

Note that all liners recommended for Ice Skating applications have a bright white side.  This helps the ice freeze faster, last longer, and stay crisper.  It also significantly reduces the chance of grass being damaged when placed over grass (clear liners often burn the grass). 

All of our ice skating rink liners are 100% Made in the USA.  Please help us support the ability to continue to manufacture products in the USA.

Call Chanel to learn about our Ice Rink Kits that come with the plastic liner and the Iron Sleek Framing System!  866.597.9298

Click here for Ice Rink Framing System to hold your icerink!  Iron Sleek makes the job much easier and effective.

Ice Rink 6000! Our hottest selling rink liner!

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This 6 mil heavy-duty white polyethylene liner is made from 100% virgin LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) resin for long lasting toughness against the harsh elements.  These liners are made from a single sheet of polyethylene, NO SEAMS!!  Stronger and more puncture resistant than standard types of poly. Bright White in color to make the ice freeze faster, last longer, and stay crisper!

FREE SHIPPING!!!   Free shipping within Continental USA only.  For our Canadian Customers, we will split the shipping cost with you.  100% Made in the USA by US citizens who appreciate your support.

40’ x 50’     $197.95  Weighs  65 pounds

40’ x 60’     $234.43  Weighs 78 pounds  SOLD OUT- SORRY!

40’ x 80’     $301.30  Weighs  102 pounds

40’ x 100’   $359.00  Weighs 128 pounds (New Low Price!) 

50' x 60'     $284.95  Weighs 89 poundsb  (SALE PRICE !!!!)
50' x 80'     $399.00 Weighs 117 pounds
50' x 100'   $450.00 Weighs 145 pounds
50' x 120'   $550.00 Weighs 175 pounds 
We have lots of other sizes. Too many to list. Please call if you don't see the size you want. Thank you- 866.597.9298- ask for Chanel.
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*****Please call for custom options, or see Ice Rink 5000 below.****

Ice Rink 5000

 Ice Rink 5000 is a custom made,  and very popular ice skating rink liner due to its wide widths. This liner is made using a co-extrusion process that creates a film that at only 5 mils has similar strength and puncture resistance as most 10 mil films.

  • is very wide with minimal seaming, very strong, puncture resistant, and tear resistant. 
  • has one side that is a nice bright white in color. 
  • is highly competitive in pricing!

Below are the sizes for this product.  These liners ship 7-10 days after the order is placed, directly from our plant in SiouxFalls, SD.  Since most sizes must ship on LTL truck, we cannot offer free shipping on this series.  Instead we offer the lowest costs we can plus freight at cost, and NO HANDLING FREES!
  • 32' x 100'   $224.00

  • 32’ x 150’  $336.00

  • 32’ x 200’  $448.00

  • 40' x 100'  $280.00

  • 40’ x 150’  $420.00

  • 40’ x 200’  $560.00

  • 50’ x 100’  $350.00

  • 50’ x 150’  $525.00

  • 50’ x 200’ $700.00

  • 60’ x 100’ $420.00

  • 60’ x 150’ $630.00

  • 60’ x 200’  $840.00

  • 80' x 100'  $560.00

  • 80' x 150'  $840.00

  • 80' x 200'  $1,120.00

Wider widths are also available with minimum length of 100’ at $0.086 per square foot. 

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Ice Rink 9000-

Same Day* Continental USA only, we will pay 50% of the shipping cost for Canadian customers for this product. 

Ice Rink 9000 is a 9 mil White liner made from 100% virgin resin, for long lasting toughness against the elements.

  • Ice Rink 9000 is currently stocked in 32' X 70', with no seams. 

*Orders must be received by 2:00 PM Pacific Standard time for same day shipment.

Dura-Skrim 6 WW (White/White), Reinforced polyethylene

  • Available in a variety sizes up to 100,000 square feet.

Dura-Skrim 8 WB (white/black), Reinforced polyethylene

  • Available in a variety of sizes up to 125,000 square feet

Dura-Skrim 12 WB, Reinforced polyethylene                               

  • Available in a variety of sizes up to 80,000 square feet

Dura-Skrim R20WW (white/white)

  • Exceptional outdoor life - 
  • Exceptionally high puncture and tear strength
  • Available in a variety of sizes up to 50,000 square feet

Please note:  All Dura Skrim products ship from our plant in Sioux Falls, SD.  Shipping cost is additional, at our cost, no handling or upcharges of any kind.