Enkamat- Enkadrain- EnkaRetain & Drain- Enkavent: Erosion Control, Soil Reinforcement

Bonar is a leading producer and supplier of high-quality erosion control products, nonwovens, wovens, knitted fabrics, three-dimensional polymeric mats, construction fibres and composites for Civil Engineering, Interior, Transportation, Construction, Agro and Industrial applications. We are a top distributor/ supplier of Enkamat/ Enkadrain products and offer competitive pricing. We can ship all over the world, and yes even to Australia and the U.K.  It would be our pleasure to help you.  Please view the products and their product specifications below.

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Enkamat 3D Matting/Erosion Control Blankets

Pricing Specifications, distributor of Enkamat Products

3D-mats are unique strong three-dimensional open structured polymeric mats, made of monofilaments fused together where they intersect.  Erosion control and turf reinforcement along with other civil applications. 

Non-woven, Spun-laid

Using so-called « bi-component » yarns based on a higher melting polymer constituting a stiff core filament surrounded by a lower-melting skin polymer, a unique “non-woven” can be made.





By using a « composite » of a 3D mat with a needlepunched nonwoven fleece, a so-called growth medium carrier can be made which is excellently suited for thin vegetated mats used as greenroofs..


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Selection Guide For Enkadrains on Sloped Green Roofs- This guide defines the roof gradient and suggests which Enkadrain will best suit the situation.

EnkaMat/ EnkaDrain/ EnkaRetain Applications Chart Click here

Applications include green roofs, plaza decks, beneath slabs, planters, under pavers, foundation walls, radon mititation, hudrostatic pressure relief, and much much more.