BriteSpan Manufacturer of the Year- Who is BriteSpan?

In 2012 BriteSpan was awarded "Manufacturer of the Year:

As Ben Hogervost, President of BriteSpan Building Systems explains his company for which Global Plastic Sheeting is a Distributor.

  • BriteSpan manufactures fabric building for their dealers across North America
  •  As far as innovation, we purchased two robots, both which were designed to make our process more efficient.
  • They enabled us to produce the volume that we needed in the rapid turn time frame that our dealers expect.
  • The benefits from the robots are primarily found in increasing our ability to produce a volume of product.
  • Some of our buildings require a lot of parts and t o manufacture them all by hand- for example we'd have to put one person welding base plates all the time. It would not be effective or efficient.
  • So the one robot makes base plates, whereas prior to having the robot we were short of base plates quite often.
  • Now it has enabled us to have production such that we're never short of that part.
  • The robots allow observers both staff, employees, and customers to see us as an innovative company.
  • They see us progressing as a progressive company and it gives them confidence that we're here for the long term.
  • I think it is always good to inspire staff and yourself, even as leaders we look for that inspiration.

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