Britespan Tension Fabric Building/ Clear Span Metal Building Compared to a Traditional Steel Building

Compare a Britespan Fabric Structure (fabric building cost per square foot) to a Traditional Steel Building

Tension fabric building no columns

BRITESPAN FABRIC BUILDINGS VS Trsditional Buildings. All the items below can be found in a Britespan building not a traditional steel building. See why people are making the move to fabric structures.     

  • Maintains full 16 year warranty in corrosive and or harsh environments. Steel beams are hot dip galvanized which inhibits rust.

  •  Is not treated with arsenic, acid, or pesticides — rain simply washes the building clean

  • Maximum usable space; no columns or poles to interfere with your interior plans or ease of movement

  • Maintains shape, does not shrink, swell, split, warp, rust or rot away; steel frames resist corrosion even in the harshest conditions — including extreme weather, marine, salt

  • Dimensional Flexibility:  Fabric buildings can be as wide as 300' and built to almost any dimension for your needs. No interior columns- just a big open space.
  • Fewer pests; corner-free design means no hiding places for rodents, no building material or insulation to nest or feed on

  • Less likely to catch on fire; flame retardant cover material is available; better able to withstand high winds and remain intact after natural weather events; lower insurance costs

  • Acoustics are exceptional; no sounds of pelting rain or sleet

  • Abundant interior sunlight; no artificial lighting needed during the day; decreased utility bills

  • Controlled climate; buildings stay warmer in winter, cooler in summer; energy is saved — utility bills reduced

  • Many ventilation options; interior smells fresh; natural light helps to eliminate moisture and bacteria

  • Self cleaning; never needs painting; dust, dirt, pollutants wash off with water; no rotting parts to replace

  • Low cost per square foot

  • Very fast to build- often 25% to 50% less time; construction costs less. Initial investment is low

  • Buildings may be moved, disassembled or sold if no longer needed (significant amount of initial investment may be recouped); additions are easy

 What are all the name used to clear span metal buildings?

  • Fabric Buildings

  • Clear Span Buildings

  • Tension Fabric Buildings

  • Metal Fabric Buildings

  • Clearspan Fabric Structures

  • BriteSpan Structures


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