STOCKOSORB® 660 - For Water & Soil Management Improvement in Agriculture, Horticulture,Silviculture, Landscaping & Land Reclamation

General Information

  • STOCKOSORB® increases the plant available water holding capacity, aeration balance and structure of soils, substrates and potting mixes.
  • Water and nutrients are available to the plant for a longer period of time, resulting in stronger and healthier plant growth even under hot and dry climatic conditions.
  • As STOCKOSORB® stores water in the root zone, water deep percolation as well as fertilizer leaching can be prevented. This allows for a reduction in irrigation frequency and thus irrigation costs.
  •  STOCKOSORB® increases soil porosity and enhances the water infiltration rate of soil to an extent that surface water run-off and soil erosion can be significantly reduced.



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