Global Plastic Sheeting's CMO Delivering Loyalty and Customer Service

Christie Barkley - Chief Morale Officer (CMO)

 Global Plastic Sheeting

Christie B at workChristie Barkley CMOChristie and pumkin resized 600

Christie Barkley!


Shout Out to Christie Barkley- Global Plastic Sheeting's Illustrious CMO- (Chief Morale Officer)

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a company forgets to give a "Shout Out" to one of their key employees. Our Shout Out goes to none other than Christie Barkley. Christie always arrives at Global Plastic Sheeting with a smile on her face, and a hearty greeting for each and everyone of us. She greets us as if she hadn't seen us in a year. She is always enthusiastic, friendly, and helpful. Best of all, Christie will go out of her way to help in any way that she can. Her customer service is impeccable. She greets customers at the door, and welcomes them immediately to GPS. We all strive to treat our customers like she treats us. Thank you Christie for your hard work and consistent dedication! You lead by example! The day to day operations at Global Plastic Sheeting seem to run a little more smoothly thanks to YOU! We all Appreciate you so!



Conrad Delivers In Every Sense of The Word!

                          Shout Out To Conrad, the Plastic Sheeting Delivery Man!

Hey Conrad, our warehouse guy is out sick...H E L P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone have a dock we can borrow!

plastic sheeting deliveryOur delivery Man Conrad


Global Plastic Sheeting loves our part time employee, Conrad. You see, Conrad had been doing some occasional plastic sheeting deliveries and pick ups for us! What makes this so special is that Conrad is "retired"!  He likes to think he is retired...but so far, everyone loves him when he shows up at their company. So when we can, we bring Conrad out of his retirement, and put him on the road. It's a win win for everyone involved! 


Ken Blum Photography

Global Plastic Sheeting is giving a big SHOUT OUT to Ken Blum! If you live in Southern California and you need a photographer that can bring the subject to life, look no further!  Ken Blum is THE BEST!  Please take a look at the photos for our Marine Division. Ken did an 8 hour photo shoot with us on board the yacht. What differentiates Ken from those of us with a digital camera is several things. The biggest thing for us was how he set up the shot. Ken takes time to find the angles and set up the product- in our case, rolls of plastic film. (Plastic sheeting is not that exciting to photograph- if we must be honest here!) Additionally, he has state of the art equipment which takes a much better picture, period. After the shots were taken, we would reveiw them on his computer.  By the next day, we had our photos in large and small formats.  Best of all Ken is such a nice, easy going man, with great ideas on how to do the shoot.

For more information, check out his website at


Is it a bird, Is it a plane...No it's Jeff our UPS Man!

Jeff from UPS

 This month's Shout Out goes to Jeff from UPS!


When Jeff comes into Global Plastic Sheeting, he  ALWAYS delivers a big smile on his face along with delivering our packages!  He knows all of our names, and of course we know his.  Jeff is like a ray of sunshine. You know how some people can walk into a room, and the room just lights up...well Jeff possess that quality. It doesn't matter is the box is heavy containing the latest samples of a newly developed polyethylene film or tape, he smiles never the less. Some days he will run upstairs with the heavy roll of plastic, to get it to the right person!

In the few seconds that he is with us, we catch up on how his family is doing, and he learns a bit more about us.  We are so lucky to have Jeff come popping into our office.

Thank you Jeff for making our day that much better!