Heavy Duty Zipper In Action For Long Term Use or in Cold Temperatures, Zipper for Plastic Sheeting

Self Adhesive Heavy Duty Zipper- Sticks in Cold Climates

 Heavy Duty ZipperZIpper Door

Zippers for Plastic Sheeting: When you need a zipper that sticks well to plastic sheeting in cold temperatures, or will be used for a long period of time, this is the zipper you need!  This is the only self adhesive zipper on the market that comes with the exclusive ZipWall® Zipper KnifeTM sheeting cutter. Heavy duty materials and the extra wide adhesive edge are what makes this zipper the perfect fit for a tough job. The Heavy Duty zipper comes with the exclusive ZipWall® Zipper Knifesheeting cutter.

Installation: To install this zipper, just remove the backing and stick it to the plastic barrier. Then open the zipper and cut the sheeting to make the doorway. The Zipper KnifeTM sheeting cutter double cuts a channel in the plastic to keep the zipper from jamming while opening and closing.

Self Adhesive Zipper Features:

  • Makes an easy doorway through plastic barriers
  • Has a greater adhesive area allowing for an aggressive tack
  • Zipper has the smoothest glide available
  • Engineered with large sturdy easy-slide teeth
  • Made with 2-sided pulls for easy entry/exit to or from the enclosure
  • Works in cold weather
  • Each box comes with the ZipWall® zipper knifeTM

Package Includes:

  • 2 seven foot Zippers
  • Zipper Knife

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