Reinforced Polypropylene Geomembrane: One of the longest lasting geomembrane liners

GPS RRP: Reinforced Polypropylene- Unprecedented Weather Resistance

45 mil reinforced polypropylene


GPS RRP (Reinforced Polypropylene) liners have excellent U.V. and weather resistance. It is highly chemically resistant.

  • 45 mil reinforced polypropylene comes with a 20 year U.V. weathering warranty. Applications include: Waste Water Treatment Plants, Evaporation Ponds, Fresh Water ponds, Retention Ponds, Nursery Liners, Reservoirs. Temporary oil pit liners, lagoon liners. Color:  Black & Tan/Black

 GPS RRP can be heat seamed together to meet large panel applications. It can then be rolled up and folded for ease of shipping.

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