Radon Gas, Methane Gas, Water Vapor Retarder

Are you looking to BLOCK gases? VaporBlock 20 Plus is what you need. If you want to RETARD gases and water/moisture from coming up through the concrete, please check out VaporBlock 6, 6 Plus, 10 and 15.

VaporBlock®20 Plus- The Gas Blocker 

VaporBlock®20 PlusGas Blocker, VaporBlock 20 Plus

VaporBlock 20 Plus plastic sheeting is intended for under-slab applications where soil-borne gases like radon are a concern. It is  50 times less permeable than typical high-performance polyethylene vapor retarders. This is due to it's tight cell structure. This gas blocker is much less expensive than comparable products. A 10-foot-by-150-foot roll costs about $525. For radon blocking, seams should be sealed with a special foil-backed tape (VBP4VB Plus Tape) that costs $32 per 4-inch-by-210-foot roll.

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VaporBlock®15- Underslab Vapor Retarder


VaporBlock® 15 is a high performance, construction grade, underslab vapor retarder designed to retard moisture migration through concrete slabs on grade.VaporBlock vapor retarders protect your flooring and other moisture sensitive furnishings in your building's interior from moisture migration. VaporBlock vapor retarders can also greatly reduce condensation, mold and degradation by controlling water vapor migration. VaporBlock 15 will preform well on a bases of crushed aggregate.

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VaporBlock®10- Radon Retarder, Foundation Wall Vapor Retarder, Under-Slab Vapor Retarder

Vapor Block radon barrier 

VaporBlock®10 is a heavy duty, high performance underslab vapor retarder designed to retard moisture migration through concrete slabs on grade. Not quite as beefy and the VaporBlock 15, it will still do the job. One needs to consider the base under the vapor retarder. For example, river rock is ok.

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VaporBlock®6- Retard Moisture through concrete slabs-on-grade 

VaporBlock® 6 is a high performance, state-of-the-art polyethylene resin that provide superior physical and performance properties that FAR EXCEED ASTME E-1745 (Plastic Water Vapor Retarders Used in Contact with Soil or Granular Fill Under Concrete Slabs) Class A, B and C requirements. High tensile strength, unequaled puncture resistance, low moisture vapor permeability as well as resistance to decay! This vapor retarder will hold up on a base of sand, but is not intended for sharp aggregate.

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VaporBlock Plus 6

VaporBlock®6 Plus

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VaporBlock PlusTM is a seven-layer co-extruded barrier made from state-of-the-art polyethylene and barrier resins to provide unmatched impact strength as well as superior resistance to gas and moisture transmission.


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