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Stockosorb 660 By Evonik- Relief for Drought Conditions

Posted by Team SolaWrap and the Green Thumbs. on Mon, Feb 15, 2016 @ 02:53


The product that we are featuring today is the Stockosorb 660 comes in a dry format. It is available in the retail packs (Terra Moist) in 1,5, and 15 pound bags. On the commercial side we can give it to you in a super sack which is 150 pounds or 55 pound bags for your convenience. What it does is it hydrates and hold nutrition for your plants. So in traditional farming when you water, the water will trickle through the soil and go past the roots and disappear. What Stockosorb 660 will do is it will hold the water in little pocket cells so the roots of your plants can seek them out and tap in to them. What that does is a couple of things. It will reduce stress on your plants when you have a problem with water supply. Second, you will always have a water supply so even the hair roots will continue to be able to draw water, and not just die off when the water supply disappears. Also in California where we have drought situations, it can reduce your watering requirement to up to 50%.

You may be wondering if it is safe. When it breaks down to its natural components (this product is not applied topically- it has to be mixed into the soil) It will break down into potassium oxide, carbon dioxide, and water at the end of its life. It actually helps your plants. Unlike other products in the market, like for example diapers- don't use that product. What that is designed to do is to soak up liquids or hydrate and not release the liquid. It is the compete opposite of Stockosorb 660. Stockosorb 660/ Terra Moist will hydrate and time release the water as your plants need it.

The application is very simple depending on the crop. You may call us and tell us if you are open field, greenhouse, growing in pots, or have somewhat of a hydro systems- just tell us your situation confidentially and we will help you design the proper usage of Terra Moist/ Stockosorb 660 for your particular grow.

Basically you take water and hydrate the Terra Moist, and let it grow. That was a bit much for the sake of the video we want to show you how it works. As you can see it is already starting to grow. What you will see in the market are all types of hydrogels. The difference is- what it breaks down to, and how fast it hydrates.
Our product hydrates at a much slower rate because the structure is there. The more structure, the slower it will hydrate. Because of that it has a longer lifespan. Those super hydrogel that have less structure hydrate incredibly fast they also break down incredibly fast. We found in our studies, depending on your growing style, the amount of water and the conditions, you are looking at 3 to 5 years
per application- open field or greenhouse. Another nice note is, if you add it to your soil mix, and you have a situation where you don't have water, your plants aren't going to die off.

Evonik Stockosorb 660 / Terra Moist will save you on water, nutrition, and we will give you a better plant. If you would like a sample, email us at or talk to one of our distributors. We are available for any questions that you might have. Thank you. 855 SOLA USA Please view part 2. It shows you the product after it has absorbed water. You will learn more about this incredible water saving solution.





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