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Drought Conditions in San Diego, California

Posted by The Plastic Sheeting Gurus! on Tue, Jun 07, 2016 @ 02:34

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How Dry I Am...Drought Hits Hard

June 2016:  It's no secret that while other parts of the country are currently getting hammered with excess rain, sunny San Diego has just the opposite problem.  San Diego is in a severe drought!  For the past 5 years California has been experiencing extreme dryness.  The statewide water supply has been significant challenged.  Water conservation remains important  for San Diego.  In May 2015, the State water Resource Control Board issued emergency statewide regulation that set water-use reduction targets for local water agencies.  The initial state mandates required water reduction of 12 to 36 percent compared to 2013 water-use levels, with a regional aggregate conservation target of 20 percent.

Saving Water During drought Conditions

What can be done to conserve water?  One solution is to add a product called STOCKOSORB®/ Terra Moist to the soil.  STOCKOSORB®/ Terra Moist increases the utilizable water holding capacity of soils and potting mixtures by decreasing the water and nutrient losses due to leaching, 
evaporation and surface runoff. In the growing media STOCKOSORB®/ Terra Moist hydrates and stores water, as well as the plant nutrients dissolved in the water. Thus 
STOCKOSORB®/ Terra Moist acts as a water reservoir providing moisture to the roots by 
direct uptake and through extended osmotic release. Therefore, the soil moisture potential is maximized for a longer period.

Below is a picture of Terra Moist before it is hydrated.  After water is added, look how large the granules become after they absorb water. Plants will draw water from this product, thereby reducing how often one needs to water.  Bottom line is ...Saving precious water.

To learn more about Terra Moist, click here. This product is nothing short of a miracle!



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