No Adhesive Self-Adhesive Plastic "NASA" Plastic: 3,5,10,15,20 mil Great for Wrapping Turbine Blades and Delicate Equipment!

INTRODUCING the No Adhesive Self-Adhesive PlasticTM NASA PlasticTM for short!           

NASA comes in 3 mil, 5 mil, 10 mil, 15 mil and 20 mil!

Passes the NFPA 701 Test 1

No Adhesive Self-Adhesive PlasticTM NASA PlasticTM is one of the most exciting product lines we have available today.  The concept is a little hard to understand.  This is a co-extruded plastic, self adhesive, without containing ANY adhesives of any kind.  What does this mean to you? 

  • ZERO chance of adhesive residue transfer!
  • NASA Plastic TM can cover and protect many parts, pieces, surfaces that were difficult or impossible to cover successfully
  • Long-term protection with NO adhesive transfer
  • Thicker films for protection of anything- 2 mil to 20 mil
  • Can withstand manufacturing operations where other self-adhesive films would fail
  • Can be removed and re-applied with no change in adhesion level
  • More Cost effective surface protection
  • No more cleaning, scraping of adhesive residue saves time and money

How is this possible?  Our engineers have been working with this project for over 10 years, and have finally perfected this product line.  While very difficult to produce, because of the unlike materials used on the top and bottom portions, this process allows us to extrude a "sticky" resin on the bottom portion of the film that will adhere to most surfaces.  We can modify this level of adhesion to a significant degree up to a point where it sticks pretty well to carpeting, and down to a point where it is barely detectable.

For the time being, we are focusing on applications where the adhesion levels are what we deem as medium and high.  We are stocking 3 mil, 6 mil, 10 mil, 15 mil, and 20 mil.  Both Fire Retardant and standard NASA PlasticTM versions are stocked.  Many versions are available, as we can customize this product to meet your needs with such additives as colors, Anti-Static, UVI, Chemical resistance, and the list goes on.  Just about anything that can be engineered into plastic sheeting can be engineered into this product line.  We can add patterns to the surface of this product, like taffeta, matte, diamond, etc.

NASA Plastic TM should replace a great many current self-adhesive pressure sensitive adhesive coated products on the market, especially in applications where adhesive residue transfer have been problematic.  The applications for this product in manufacturing are endless!  Longer term applications for shipping and manufacturing  to protect items from damage is ideal.  As a surface protection product line, this should be nearly impossible to beat.  And the best part??  The price is competitive!!

Whether you are in San Diego or Rhode Island :), we can hardly wait to discuss your application with you!